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Acid Reflux



Alzheimer's Disease


Anger Illness

Antioxidant Therapy


Arthritis Pain

Aspirin Regimen

Back Pain

Becker Muscular Dystrophy


Bladder Diseases

Brain Disease



Charcot Foot


Chocolate Benefits

Chronic Cough

Compulsive Buying Disorder

Cosmetic Surgery

Deep Breathing Exercise

Deficit Disorders



Diabetic Testing Kit

Diets & Dieting

Dry Mouth Condition

Ear Infections


Face Wrinkles

Fear Phobias

Gluten Intolerance


Gum Disease

Hair Loss


Health Resources

Healthy Promotions

Healthy Eyes

Healthy Lifestyles Program

Heart Disease


Holistic Health

Home Health Care

Joint Replacement

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Knee Injuries

Liver Diseases

Lung Disease

Magnetic Therapy

Meningitis Disease

Mouth Disorders

Nasal Congestion

Natural Hormones


Panic Anxiety Disorder

Parkinson's Disease

Pediatric Dentistry


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Smart Snacking

Social Anxiety Disorder

Stomach Disorders

Tea Tree Oil


Weight Loss

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Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Workplaces have the opportunity to develop healthy habits and help prevent the onset of health problems and disease such as diabetes, depression, and heart disease. Well-designed workplace keeps employees safe and encourage physical activity during the workers time at work.

Health Wellness and Disease

Quality Work and Quality Living

Wellness health consulting can help employees considerably It also helps a lot by establishing both clear and reasonable rules/roles and responsibilities, plus respect the time and talents of all employees and also non-work related issues. These steps provide the organization with more opportunity to reduce the number of sick-days and health-related costs. Ask yourself this question; Are you working on making your office a healthy place for both yourself and coworkers, to contribute to their ongoing health and wellness?

A positive health and wellness culture in the workplace contributes to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of workers. The workplace becomes more productive and constructive when employers break for rejuvenation.

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Workplace Wellness Can Improve Employee Productivity

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How Employers May Improve Employee Productivity

Chronic Disease on the Job and at Work

Chronic diseases such as depression and hypertension can lead to a serious decline in the overall health of employees in a workplace, contribute to an increase in health-related expenses for employers and employees, and lead to days away from work. Many businesses have realized the benefits of health promotion, and to curb the costs of rising health care they have begun offering wellness programs to their employees. The working office should be a place which not only protects the safety and well-being of employees but also provides them opportunities for better long-term health.

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Exactly What is an Employee Exercise and Wellness Program?

Workplace exercise and wellness programs are an excellent benefit to all A workplace wellness program is a health promotion activity or organization-wide policy designed to support healthy behavior and improve health outcomes while at work. These programs consist of activities such as health education and coaching, weight management programs, medical screenings, on-site fitness programs and more.

Wellness programs also include policies intended to improve employee health, including allowing time for exercise, providing on-site kitchens and eating areas, offering healthful food options in vending machines, holding good communications in office meetings, and offering financial-aid and other incentives for participation. Effective workplace programs, policies, and environments which are are health-focused and worker-centered have the potential to benefit employers, employees, their families and the communities they live in.